My Story

Born and raised in the Central Valley of California, I’ve made a career in the field of agriculture. My love of the land led me to choose a degree in Plant Science at Cal State University of Fresno prior to becoming an hourly employee. I worked my way into leadership positions, including Crew Leader, Supervisor, Plant Manager, CFO, and CEO all through various industries in Agriculture and Food Manufacturing, Sales, and Marketing. Business are created from an entrepreneurial mind set but details and specifics can get lost in the start up. I use proven practices with the latest innovations to reduce waste and increase productivity for success.

How we Value our Customers


The only way to move forward is to grow. Striving to be better tomorrow by improving on what is known today gives us this growth. Helping our customers by making sure we’re always thinking about the future.


We display our integrity through our honesty and by standing by our ideals. We believe in earning the trust of our customers, and we do that through our actions.


From our personal evaluation to the wrap up of our service, we strive to be invested in you. Dedication to the quality of the work is important to us, we are here for you, the customer.